My Seanad Re-election Video.

My work on Childhood Obesity

Seanad Reform

Ireland and the Environment

Reflections on Trinity College. 

A Short video addressing human impact on the Earth

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Pink News Awards 2015. David Norris Receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award



David Norris, Dublin Castle, following passage of the Marriage Equality Referendum



Statements on the Situation in Gaza and Ukraine



Order of Business in Seanad on Homophobia in Ireland



Appearance on the Late Late Show about Funeral Arrangements



Why we should support Dublin’s Bid for the European Capital of Culture in 2020



Speech made on ‘Ireland’s in the World’ at the Youth Parliament meeting in the Institute of International and European Affairs



Order of Business in Seanad and the condition of Dublin City Centre



Against the treatment of Greece by Germany during the visit of the President of Germany to the Seanad



Speaking at a Rally Against Homophobia



Shaving off his beard – as promised if the Government’s Anti Seanad Referendum is defeated



Waterford College of Further Education Interview with David Norris



Interview with Sean Moncrieff on publication of his biography



Honorary Doctorate – 27th November 2015