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Covid-19 | December 2020
Seanad Reform
Foreign Affairs and Human Rights
They recommend that governments should promote and provide opportunities for the participation of interested parties in developing and implementing National Forest policies, but I can't think of a greater inducement to public debate then to publish the information so that the public can have access to public participation increases public awareness of forests and Forestry and handsome.
David Norris.
I thought was all the good phrase about this business of postponing and or referring and all this kind of stuff long fingering is failing people long fingering is wasting time. What we need is action... ...if you do not have the facility to care for those who have them that logic is flawed. The patients are going to exist. Anyway, we're not going to get rid of my just making a steak. They're going to be there. They're going to require treatment that treatment is going to be expensive.
David Norris.
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