Senator David Norris

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RAISE A toast to developer Shane Murphy, who’s finally got permission to redevelop the Dorset Street home that was not Brinsley Sheridan’s, the 18th century playwright and politican.

Back in 2007 a row emerged when the remains of the house, listed on the belief it was the home of Brinsley Sheridan, were permitted to be demolished by Dublin City Council.

In went the appeal by local Senator David Norris to An Bord Pleanála, supported by An Taisce, and planning journalist Ruadhán MacEoin.  And down in flames went the permission.

However it then emerged that although Brinsley Sheridan lived at 12 Dorset Street, it actually wasn’t this house, as prior to 1840 the street was renumbered – with the “real” Sheridan house inadvertently demolished years ago.

Hence Murphy was free to get the house de-listed, and replace it with a new development.  But the saga took another twist when Murphy instead applied to reinstate the house in which Brinsley Sheridan wasn’t born in – and match it with a twin Georgian style townhouse that was never there.

Although a reinstatement, the Dominican priory next-door appealed the scheme to An Bord Pleanála.  Again Norris and MacEoin also filled observations – but this time welcoming the redevelopment.

Happily Murohy has just got consent from the Bord – but with this stipulation: “details of the plaque to be placed on the wall to commemorate the proximity of Brinsley Sheridan shall be submitted to, and agreed with the planning authority prior to commencement of development”. “A plaque on all your houses!” Goldhawk says.

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