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The Free Promo Video Project

Senator David Norris would like to give back to Society. In order to support various organisations and causes close to his heart, David has invited a select number of commendable projects to receive high quality video promos created for their use and promotion.

Sample Video #1

Click Play below to view a real-life example, using TCD’s DU Amnesty International as example.

How it works


  • Please reply to this email before Wed. Nov 2nd to signal your agreement
  • David’s technical team (Seaghan at Digilogue) will contact you and ask you to submit a short text script (narration) for your video
  • David’s technical team will develop the video and publish it privately for your pre-approval
  • Post approval, you can download or embed the video wherever you need (eg your website, organisation page, Facebook etc.)
  • You retain full ownership and copyright of the video to use as you see fit

Where’s The Catch?


There is none. No advertising, no follow-up, no catches. David has chosen a shortlist of organisations / groups and would simply like to leverage his resources to facilitate and promote your cause. You can use the video (which will be hosted for free on David’s Vimeo account – so you can embed it on your website / facebook etc.) in whatever way you like.

Sample Script & Guide


You choose the topic/narrative for your video. For example, you can create an overview video outlining who you are, your aims etc. Alternatively, you can choose some theme to explore in more detail.

Each video ‘scene’ will have 1 to 3 sentences on each screen. Below you will see how this will work – essentially a video of 6 to 10 ‘scenes’ with 1 to 3 narration-sentences on each.

Recipe Summary:

  • Decide your topic and write 6 to 10 ‘bullets’
  • Each bullet might contain 1 to 3 sentences

Sample #1 (Trinity Amnesty branch – text for narration)


  • Screen #1: “DU Amnesty International is the Trinity College Dublin branch of Amnesty International.”
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Screen #2: “We work independently as well as with the Irish division of the organisation. We aim to educate on, raise awareness of, campaign against, prevent, halt and rectify abuses of human rights both at home and overseas.”
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Screen #3: “In particular, we’re focusing through our campaigns of 2022/23 on promoting Human Rights Defenders (BRAVE Campaign) and on mitigating the plight of refugees (I Welcome Refugees Campaign). 

Screen Preview

You get the idea …

Sample Video #2

PAUL Partnership Limerick CLG.

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